Remote Processing Method

Back-Up Procedures

If you are unable to scan deposits due to power outage, disaster or other condition which would render your RPM scanner\PC non-functional, you should do one of the following:

1. Visit a Resource Bank location:

Bring your checks to the nearest Resource Bank location to be deposited until your power is restored or the emergency has passed. Please note that all deposits in the branches must be made before 5:00 pm for next day availability, which is different than the usual 5:00 pm same day availability cut-off for RPM.

2. Move your RPM scanner to a working computer:

If your PC is unavailable or non-functional, disconnect your RPM scanner from it, move it (with all cables) to an operational computer that meets the RPM hardware specifications and follow the installation instructions on the Resource Bank website /RPM-workstation.html

3. Move your entire RPM setup:

If your site is unavailable, you can move your entire RPM setup – computer, scanner and cables – to another location with internet access. Please be sure to secure checks properly at this temporary location. Please contact Resource Bank Support at 985-801-0150 before moving this equipment.

4. RPM contact information:

Call Resource Bank Support - 985-801-0150 (available M-F; 9am-5pm)

Resource Bank RPM homepage: /RPM.php

RPM hardware specifications and installation instructions: /RPM-workstation.html